Spotted Hair Clips Against the Tristesse

While out there, the wind against our attic window whips and the smell of thirty litres felt me Chamomile tea against stomach is a little bad, plays the world due to the events of the past days and years so crazy that anyone attempting to distract themselves with beautiful looks like a mindless waste of time. But it should not be so, moreover we are in agreement. In my bookmarks bar I was looking today tomorrow so the shallowest sprinkler I had ever tagged me, what I found was a hair clip by Chanel, unbezahlblar, but pretty to look at. I think that has always been so. During the post-war period in the 50s for example, during the biggest economic crisis the world had ever seen, one focused reason always on the pompous, you sometimes overdid it with the waste of fabric and wrapped, perhaps out of spite, in the rich yarn, you could find to show the life that it goes to the enemy, the sadness, the kill to make. Many of my friends now attend concerts, refill wine in the restaurant, or make the living room to the cake paradise.

Maybe all this may seem void or not correct one, just like plugging up the own hair with sparkling clips. I understand that. But no more than the desire for a little distraction. After small Muntermachern, the mind is still as bright as six days ago.

Hair clip Goldblatt.
Hairpin loop.
Hair clip with pearls.
Pearl hair clip by Chanel.
Barrette with blue stones.

Even more vintage hair clips can be found for example at Videdressing.