Spring Makeup of YSL, Spectacular Packaging

You know that the late Yves Saint Laurent left an important legacy. And if firm continues in the market preparing already the next season. So I present today will be on sale the January 15 in Japan, for those who receive a gift in the form of travel to far East.

I know that you will find all makeup trends in sweeping, but I want to look at this for what it represents. Style and distinction in the packaging and colours for all styles. From soft pink, passing by the purple, lilac, and the land. A collection that takes care of every detail, and where nothing is loud. If it is that the bag and the bag are perfect even as toiletry bag.

The idea of travel It is present in everything. The postal service is part of the details, so we will be aware of these new collections of handbags and accessories, and this is the first window to the world YSL’s spring. I will not deny that the blush is not perfect…