State Route 266, 291, 3 and 30 in Colorado

State Route 266, 291, 3 and 30 in Colorado

State Route 266 in Colorado

Get started Rocky Ford
End Cheraw
Length 12 mi
Length 19 km
Rocky Ford


According to 800Zipcodes, State Route 266, commonly known as State Highway 266 or SH 266 is a state route in the U.S. state of Colorado. The road forms a 12-mile east-west route across the High Plains between Rocky Ford and Cheraw.

Travel directions

SH 266 begins in Rocky Ford, a small town on US 50. The road leads through the Arkansas River valley and follows the grid, making several jumps. The road passes through agricultural land and ends south of the village of Cheraw on SH 109.


The road became a state highway in 1954. The terminus on SH 109 was originally a little more north, but was moved south in 1960. The road was completely asphalted in 1961.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 2,000 vehicles in Rocky Ford and 400 to 700 vehicles continue to Cheraw.

State Route 291 in Colorado

Get started salida
End US 285
Length 9 mi
Length 15 km

State Route 291, commonly known as State Highway 291 or SH 291 is a state route in the U.S. state of Colorado. The road forms a 15-kilometer connection between Salida and US 285 north of Salida.

Travel directions

SH 291 near US 285.

SH 291 begins in Salida on US 50, then heads northwest and ends north of Salida on US 285. The road leads through a valley at 2,200 meters altitude. To the west are mountains with peaks up to 4,300 meters.


It was originally the main north-south connection in this region and was numbered as SH 15 from the 1920s. In 1928, US 650 was routed over the route, which was renumbered US 285 in 1935. In 1939, SH 291 was introduced, running from Poncha Springs to Buena Vista. In 1942, US 285 and SH 291 were swapped.

Traffic intensities

3,000 vehicles use SH 291 every day.

State Route 3 in Colorado

SH 3
Get started durango
End durango
Length 2 mi
Length 4 km

State Route 3, commonly known as State Highway 3 or SH 3, is a state route in the U.S. state of Colorado. The road forms a short 4-kilometer road in Durango.

Travel directions

SH 3 begins in southern Durango at an intersection with US 160 and US 550. The road is a single carriageway over the east bank of the Animas River to Durango.


SH 3 runs on the former route of US 160/550 through Durango. The current US 160/550 was opened in 1982, after which the old part was renumbered as SH 3.

The original 1923 SH 3 was one of Colorado’s major highways, running from Greeley to the Wyoming state border at Cheyenne. After 1926 this was numbered as US 85. The SH 3 was scrapped in 1968.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 7,000 to 9,600 vehicles use the SH 3, consisting of local destination traffic.

State Route 30 in Colorado

SH 30
Get started Denver
End Aurora
Length 20 mi
Length 32 km
Monaco Parkway

Tamarac Drive

Yosemite Street

Dartmouth Avenue

Parker Road

Iliff Avenue

Jewell Avenue

Florida Avenue

Mississippi Avenue

Exposition Avenue

Alameda Avenue

1st Avenue

6th Avenue

Peoria Street

Potomac Street

Sable Boulevard

Chambers Road

Airport Boulevard

Picadilly Road

Jewell Avenue

Hampden Avenue

Quincy Avenue

State Route 30, commonly known as State Highway 30 or SH 30 is a state route in the U.S. state of Colorado. The road connects Denver and the eastern suburb of Aurora. SH 30 is 32 kilometers long.

Travel directions

SH 30 is an illogical route on city roads in eastern Denver and through the suburb of Aurora. The road begins at a junction with Interstate 25 in southern Denver and then heads east for 2.5 miles on Hampden Avenue, which curves north and becomes Havana Street. SH 30 follows Havana Street 5 miles north through the west of the large suburb of Aurora, then exits at 6th Avenue to head east through Aurora. There is a connection to Interstate 225. The part through the built-up area is an urban arterial with mostly 2×2 to 2×3 lanes. To the east of Aurora, SH 30 runs more outside the built-up area around Buckley Air Force Base. Then one crosses the E-470, but there is no connection with it. From here, SH 30 heads south, parallel to E-470 on Gun Club Road, before ending southeast Aurora at Quincy Avenue.


The original SH 30 was a spur from US 6 to Messex in northeastern Colorado. In 1954, SH 30 was assigned for one year to a two-mile road near US 491 at Cahone.

SH 30 was assigned to the Denver area in 1955, and at the time ran on 6th Avenue and Gun Club Road. At the time, the road was still far outside Denver and was paved shortly afterwards. The southwest portion of the Hampden Avenue and Havana Street route was originally part of US 285. In 1979, US 285 was routed westward through Denver, after which the remainder was renumbered SH 30, creating today’s odd route through Denver and Aurora..

Traffic intensities

Every day, 45,000 vehicles drive on Hampden Avenue, 31,000 to 42,000 vehicles on Havana Street, 16,000 to 40,000 vehicles on 6th Avenue and 17,000 vehicles on Gun Club Road.

State Route 30 in Colorado

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