Study Media Management Abroad

Study Media Management Abroad

E-book readers instead of books, I-pads instead of daily newspapers and the railway app instead of a timetable. If you just look around while waiting for the bus or train, you can see how much our media world has changed in recent years. Wireless internet connections make it possible to access virtually any information at any time. We can simply load media and games onto our smartphone. Newspapers and books seem almost out of date in this digitized world. Many publishing houses, but also TV broadcasters, fear for their customers because of these changes. You have to adapt to the changed habits of the users and the new technical possibilities in order to survive on the market. For this, specialists are needed who on the one hand, they are very familiar with the requirements of the media industry and on the other hand they have economic know-how .

Structure of the course

According to, media management courses train these experts. They are offered at technical colleges and universities in Germany and combine media and economic content .

Bachelor degree

In the bachelor’s program, the basics of media theory are initially on the program. The students learn, for example, how an editorial office works or how the marketing of media products works. In addition to subjects such as media informatics or media psychology, the course also includes seminars from the areas of business administration and economics , such as accounting, marketing or controlling. In the higher semesters, students can usually set their own priorities and specialize in topics such as digital media or public relations . Courses in media law and business English as well as practical phases round off the curriculum.

Master’s degree in media management

After completing their bachelor’s degree, graduates can start their careers straight away or pursue a master’s degree. This is useful in order to qualify for later management positions. A master’s degree is also a prerequisite for a doctorate and a subsequent academic career. The individual universities offer very different areas of focus, such as media marketing or media culture. They are usually also open to bachelor’s degrees in related subjects, such as communication studies and media studies .

Requirements for a media management degree

Anyone interested in studying media management should of course have a weakness for the world of media. This also includes an interest in economic aspects . Knowledge of math is required for the business and economics course content . In addition, a good command of English is important in order to understand the technical literature, some of which is in English.

Occupational fields

Graduates of the media management course work in the entire media industry. You work for radio and TV broadcasters, publishers or online companies, for example. Your areas of work include project management , marketing, press and public relations and controlling. New professional fields are emerging in the area of ​​social media. Here, for example, they take care of the Facebook page or the Twitter presence of their customers.

Employers outside the media industry are, for example, event agencies, consulting firms or political parties and associations and other institutions whose media work must be supervised. After a few years of professional activity, some graduates dare to take the step of self-employment and set up their own consultancy or media company. With a master’s degree, there is also the opportunity to do a doctorate and pursue a career at the university.

Reasons for studying media management abroad

For students of media management, it is a good idea to gain experience abroad during their studies. One or more semesters at a foreign university offer the opportunity to further your subject and at the same time to prepare for the international requirements of the media industry. For example, students learn to work in international teams and improve their foreign language skills.

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