Study Media Production Abroad

Study Media Production Abroad

Facebook, company websites, online magazines, computer games – we all use a variety of media every day. Most of them are in digital form. But conventional media products such as daily newspapers or favorite magazines are now also produced entirely digitally.

Media producers need to have a feel for the content and designs that appeal to their target group. At the same time, they need knowledge of how to best implement their ideas technically and economically.

At the interface of media design, journalism and business administration

Degree programs in the field of media production provide training for work at the interface between media technology , media design, journalism and business administration .

According to, most universities and colleges focus on digital media products . A few study programs are also dedicated to the production of “old” media such as books.

The Bachelor

In the bachelor’s degree , students get to know the basic theories of media and communication sciences . You will also get an insight into the areas of media technology and media informatics . There they learn to program and use design programs. Courses on business administration and media law are also on the curriculum.

In the higher semesters , the course becomes practice-oriented : The students program their own websites, produce video clips or radio reports or design magazines. They also attend seminars in the fields of journalism, business administration and media theory.

The master

Students who want to improve their later career opportunities have the option of completing their Bachelor’s degree with a Master’s degree . The mostly practice-oriented master’s programs offer students the opportunity to deal more intensively with an area of ​​media production.

Depending on the offer of the university example, it is possible to be one of the following areas specialize :

  • Design of media
  • Media technology
  • economic aspects of media production
  • 3D computer animation
  • Web engineering

Requirements for studying media production

Study places in the field of media production are in great demand. Applicants should have good grades on their school leaving certificate and be prepared for the university’s internal selection process . Many universities require a pre-study internship . Letters of motivation and selection interviews are also not uncommon.

Applicants with a technical understanding and IT knowledge are optimally prepared for the course. Creativity is required for the journalistic and creative content. An interest in business content is also an advantage.

Occupational fields for graduates

Due to their interdisciplinary education, graduates of the Media Production course have a wide range of professional fields open to them. Classic employers are

  • Radio and television channels
  • Publishers
  • Multimedia product production companies
  • IT departments of commercial companies
  • Advertising and PR agencies

The knowledge of media producers is also used by authorities, associations and cultural institutions. Many graduates set up their own production or service company after a few years of professional experience .

Master’s graduates also have the option of completing a doctorate and doing university research and teaching.

Advantages of studying abroad

Foreign language skills and intercultural skills are playing an increasingly important role for media producers . It is therefore advisable to spend one or more semesters of study at a university abroad. In this way, students get to know the latest media trends in other countries and expand their specialist knowledge.

In addition, studying abroad provides important impetus for personal development and enables you to make international contacts .

Study Media Production

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