Study your MBA and get a 3-year permit to work in the United States

Study your MBA and get a 3-year permit to work in the United States

The standardized GMAT test is a common requirement for graduate entry at many institutions. In order to highlight your profile and be accepted in a prestigious university, it is not enough to pass it, you need to obtain a competitive score.

There are types of applicants:

  • Those who trust that their knowledge is sufficient.
  • Those who use books to study and those who take intensive courses because they already want to apply.

Evaluating each case will clarify which is the best preparation.

Studying on your own is difficult when you don’t know which way to go. It is true that the content may not be so complex, especially if you have previously trained in those areas. However, the thematic content is not the only thing that is needed for the exam: it is an exam in which you have very limited time, so more than being clear about the theory, you must also understand the exam and apply specific strategies for each problem . In addition, being familiar with the standardized test and with your own abilities helps to have a better overview of how to address weaknesses. This is, more important than knowing if you are good or bad, you have to understand how you study, what you should study, and how to direct your time.

Study your MBA

Returning to the first point, it is not enough to find out about mathematics and writing; You have to have practice regarding the exercise format and a lot of organization. It should be noted in this vein that a candidate rarely proposes a study plan, committing to being constant and having a way to clarify specific doubts. Yes, it is true that being familiar with standardized tests makes it easier to answer the test, but knowing all the obstacles is useless if you don’t have enough tools to answer. A curriculum, the right knowledge, and a response strategy are only acquired through practice.

Taking the necessary time and receiving the appropriate accompaniment is essential to obtain an outstanding score. You need someone to teach you how to answer these exams and help you improve in practice. Timing, taking mock exams, and sharing with others who are facing the same questions is important. We offer the Test Prep program with courses for GRE and GMAT. The methodology is designed by Harvard master’s degree graduates, focused on Spanish speakers, and gives you the flexibility to study from anywhere in the world, on your schedules: we know that work, family and your projects can make your preparation difficult. With our process, you will advance for 10 weeks with live classes, and you will have access to your platform with 2000+ exercises, so you can practice during your preparation. If you want to prepare for the GMAT or GRE and avoid mistakes, we recommend that you approach us.

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