Sunscreen Is the Best Antirrugas!

A lot of people are behind a antirrugas miracle cream. Or want to magical formulas to prevent skin aging.

What few people know is that the simple habit to pass the sunscreen can prevent skin aging. Did you know that?

Not only protects against the harmful effects of the sun (sunburn, skin cancer, moles …), but prevents photoaging.

Photoaging is the skin wrinkle, the loss of elasticity and the existence of stains caused by radiation from the sun.

Skin aging is caused mainly by UVA radiation. Already the UVB radiation is the leading cause of several types of skin cancer and sunburn.

The conclusion came from a study by Australian researchers who analyzed 903 adults below the age of 55 years, who were accompanied by four years (published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine).

Photoaging was measured in participants throughout the study. This was the first study that really quantified the anti-aging property of the protector.

The most interesting is that the effect of solar protection linked to the periodic use of the protector was perceived in the surveyed of various age groups. This is interesting because many associate this type of careful only to young people. As the survey pointed out, all ages reap the benefits of the protective element of prevention of aging skin. It’s never too late for skin care!

And there’s more! People with more signs of aging caused by the sun have more chances of having skin cancer and solar Keratosis (injuries caused by the sun).

All this points to the importance of the regular use of sunscreen. What matters is the frequent use! And also shows that it is vital to reapply sunscreen after some hours of use, sweat or get in the water.

Cosmetic technology of sunscreens has improved and is improving. But everything indicates that it is good to avoid sun exposure during the hours of highest incidence solar (10-4).

Rethink your actions to spend so much money on creams antissinais. Use the sunscreen frequently can be worth a lot more. Is the best antirrugas of the moment! Take care!


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