Supermodelo 2007: Models or Girls of Company?

Parades in thong, nude photos in a foamy tub and the Miss wet t-shirt. Of course, in Supermodelo 2007 they have a good Center of training, but not exactly models. It is not that you find it reprehensible (even though most of the candidates are under age), I just believe that we should call things by their name.

We all know that sex sells, and this is what you are offering, right now, on Supermodelo 2007. Four give equal the supermodels, what interests him is the audience. Well, in fact, what supports the chain are the advertisers (which are linked to audience). That is why, at the training centre, as vital as ‘the importance of the Omsa stockings’ classes (and that yes I think reprehensible).

I say that he is my thing, that there was no deal and that, finally and after, if you want to be a model, worst things will have to. Probably. I only say that it seems to me that there was also publicity and moments subidita of tone, but not so blatant as in the previous edition. I believe that they have reached a point where he treated the Viewer as if it was silly and they swallow everything (with apologies). When I look at Supermodelo 2007 I feel insulted.