Survival Kit Post Sleepless Nights Spent (or Experienced)

You know that day, by more than the fatigue press, the mind stops working and you can’t sleep? That day you turn and untap, if copper and discovers and can’t find a santa position which makes you fall asleep. Or, that one day, when it’s all so cool in the Club you get when you look at the clock and it’s already 4 A.M. and you don’t even remember that programmed the phone to play soon, at 7:00 in the morning because he’s going to have a mega important meeting , with a mega serious judging people who go clubbing on the day before a meeting?

Survival Kit Post Sleepless Nights Spent (or Experienced) 1

Well. Everybody, give or take a day, faces that day, that day that precedes the other day when you wake up, look in the mirror, and takes a fright thinking that woke up in one of the episodes of the Walking Dead. Yes who?

I deal direct. My mind insists on thinking during the early hours, do what?

All this prologue up there to tell you about my newly acquired success combo. The salvation of sleepless nights.

Survival Kit Post Sleepless Nights Spent (or Experienced) 3

Concealer is a stretch that didn’t get out of my purse. I’ve even had posted here on the blog that used to use Touche Eclát Radiant Touch of YSL and I really loved the puppy, reported by anycountyprivateschools. But, besides being well careiro, was having a hard time to find the right tone to my skin (which was always missing). Then, yesterday, I decided to find a new concealer to call my own. Researched, tested and put on cost-benefit balance and the winner of the day was the High Definition Liquid Concealer Smashbox’s (here in the States it comes out for 23 bucks at Sephora).I found it easy, no oily velvety texture, easy to apply with your fingers (looks good), but have a fairly wide color gamut, which helps you find exactly what your tone and not look like a raccoon.

Survival Kit Post Sleepless Nights Spent (or Experienced) 2

But, in search of the perfect concealer, I ended up finding another buddy: the PuffOff of Benefit. I’m a diehard fan of the Benefit. I love the mood and the simple and fun way with which she presents its products. The PuffOff is another example: a moisturizer to pass underneath the eyes and help to decompress (or take the Puff effect, see the name). The cutest? The metal tip of these rolls, which you should use to apply the cream, it’s shaped like an iron. Has the cutest thing?

Survival Kit Post Sleepless Nights Spent (or Experienced) 4

I used the combination of the two products this morning and I was quite happy. I didn’t spend or anything, just the base PuffOff and after the correction and, on top, Brown pencil and mascara. And ready!Survival kit post sleepless nights spent (or lived).