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According to INDEXDOTCOM, the history of Arkansas dates back thousands of years and is closely intertwined with the histories of its neighboring states. The region was home to Native Americans for centuries before the arrival of Europeans in the 16th century. French explorers, including Hernando de Soto, traveled through the region in the 1500s, and Arkansas became part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Arkansas became a state in 1836 as part of the Missouri Compromise and was admitted as a slave state. During the Civil War, Arkansas joined the Confederacy and was devastated by Union forces during a series of battles. After Reconstruction, Arkansas experienced an economic boom due to its timber industry and developed into one of the most prosperous states in the South. In more recent years, Arkansas has become known for its natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities, as well as its cultural heritage. The state has also become a major center for technology and business development. Check Agooddir for more about Arkansas.