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According to INDEXDOTCOM, Idaho has a long and varied history that spans centuries. The first inhabitants of Idaho were Native Americans, including the Nez Perce, Shoshone, and Bannock tribes. Europeans began to explore the area in the late 1700s, but it wasn’t until the mid-1800s that settlers began to arrive in large numbers. In 1863, Idaho was officially made a territory of the United States. In 1864, gold was discovered in what is now known as Boise Basin, sparking a rush of miners and prospectors looking to make their fortune. This influx of people led to increased conflict between settlers and Native American tribes, culminating in the Nez Perce War of 1877. Following this conflict, many Native Americans were forced onto reservations and much of their land was taken by the government. In 1890, Idaho became a state and by 1910 its population had grown to more than 500 thousand people. In the decades that followed Idaho continued to grow rapidly due to an influx of immigrants from Europe as well as other parts of America. During World War II many military bases were built throughout Idaho which helped further boost its economy and population growth. Today Idaho is home to over 1.7 million people who enjoy its diverse landscapes and outdoor recreation opportunities — from skiing in Sun Valley to rafting on the Snake River — while still honoring its rich heritage and culture. Check Agooddir for more about Idaho.