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According to INDEXDOTCOM, the history of Indiana dates back to the Paleo-Indian era, which began around 12,000 BCE. The first permanent settlements were established by the Adena culture in the middle Ohio River Valley in the 1000s BCE. In the late 1000s CE, Mississippian culture flourished in Indiana and was followed by a succession of other cultures including the Miami Tribe, Potawatomi Tribe, Shawnee Tribe, and Kickapoo Tribe. In 1679, French explorer Rene-Robert Cavelier de La Salle claimed Indiana for France after traveling down the Ohio River from Lake Erie. Following his exploration of the area, France established numerous trading posts and forts throughout Indiana. In 1763, after France lost its North American territories in the Seven Years’ War (1754-1763), Britain took control of Indiana. After gaining independence from Britain in 1783, many American settlers moved into Indiana during its territorial period (1800–1816). On December 11th 1816, Indiana became the nineteenth state admitted to the Union as part of the Northwest Ordinance. During this period a number of significant events occurred including: The Treaty of St. Mary’s (1818), The Battle of Tippecanoe (1811) and The Treaty of Fort Wayne (1809). After becoming a state in 1816, Indiana experienced rapid population growth as settlers flocked to take advantage of its rich agricultural land. By 1851 it had become an important hub for transportation with railroads crisscrossing throughout its landscape and canals connecting it with other states such as Ohio and Illinois. In 1861–65 during the US Civil War, Indiana provided more than 200 thousand soldiers to fight for the Union cause against slavery and secessionism. After experiencing a period of industrialization following World War II (1939-1945), it became known as “the Crossroads of America” due to its extensive transportation network. Today, Indiana is home to over 6 million people who enjoy its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes from rural farms to bustling cities like Indianapolis—the state’s capital city since 1825! Check Agooddir for more about Indiana.