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According to INDEXDOTCOM, Kentucky was first explored by Europeans in the mid-1700s, when French explorers ventured into the area. In 1774, Kentucky was part of Virginia and became a separate state in 1792. It was the 15th state to join the Union. After gaining statehood, Kentucky quickly developed an economy based on agriculture and slave labor. By 1860, one-third of the population was enslaved African Americans. During the Civil War, Kentucky declared its neutrality but ultimately sided with the Union. After Reconstruction, Kentucky saw significant industrial growth as well as a rise in African American education and civil rights activity. During World War I, factories were built in Louisville to produce war materials and by World War II, Fort Knox had become a major military base. In modern times, Kentucky has seen an increase in tourism due to its natural beauty and attractions such as Mammoth Cave National Park and Churchill Downs racetrack. The economy is now based largely on services such as healthcare and finance as well as manufacturing and energy production. Check Agooddir for more about Kentucky.