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According to INDEXDOTCOM, Ohio was first inhabited by Native Americans and was a part of the French colony of New France. In 1754, Great Britain gained control of Ohio in the French and Indian War. After the American Revolution, Ohio became part of the Northwest Territory in 1787, and then became its own state in 1803. In the early 1800s, Ohio experienced a population boom as settlers moved to the area for its rich natural resources and fertile soils. During this time, canals were built throughout the state to transport goods, which further increased Ohio’s economic growth. The railroads arrived in 1851 and connected Ohio to other parts of the country. During the Civil War, Ohio contributed more troops than any other state and was a major producer of weapons and supplies. Afterward, industrialization made Ohio a major manufacturing center with steel mills, auto plants, rubber factories, and machine shops all springing up throughout the state. In recent years, Ohio has become an important center for technology research and development as well as a leader in healthcare innovation. It is also home to several world-renowned universities such as The Ohio State University and Case Western Reserve University. Check Agooddir for more about Ohio.