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According to INDEXDOTCOM, Vermont was first inhabited by Algonquin speaking tribes of Native Americans, including the Abenaki and Mohican. In 1609, French explorer Samuel de Champlain became the first European to visit Vermont. The British then claimed the area in 1664 and established colonial settlements throughout the 18th century. In 1777, Vermont declared its independence from Britain and became the 14th state to join the new United States of America. During the War of 1812, Vermont provided troops and supplies to help defend America against Britain. Afterward, Vermont continued to grow with its booming industries such as logging, farming and manufacturing. By 1860, it had become a major producer of woolen goods and other textiles. In 1865, Vermont abolished slavery and in 1870 it granted women the right to vote before any other state did so. In response to industrialization in other states during the late 19th century, Vermont focused on conservation efforts which helped preserve much of its natural beauty for future generations. Today, Vermont is known for its small towns, rural landscapes and progressive politics as well as its delicious maple syrup! Check Agooddir for more about Vermont.