The Models We Teach His Chest Would Neglect or Intention?

As This season shows not are enjoying me too, except for some rather brilliant exception such as the parade of Marc Jacobs, Luella or Christian Lacroix, I am distracted with other nonsense, as the models that teach us some part of your Anatomy normally hidden, such as nipples.

And although are trendy slides (which usually leave little to the imagination, as in the) Louise Goldin London parade), in many fashion shows display goes much further, and there is always a strip that moves, a shoulder falling, an open shirt and there it is, the chest to expose the model in question.

But I wonder: are doing it on purpose to arouse interest in attending the parade asleep? or it has been something totally innocent?. So today I come eager to generate a bit of silly discussion and case study example to example.

Let’s start with Anja Rubik, in the parade of Preen, It moved the dress with shoulder straps, leaving us to see its attributes. In this case I would say that it is completely intentional, because if you bother to put you well dress, is does not have to move in a short walk of 20 meters. Although this girl is so drained that much fabric is large.

Another example is that of this model in the Hervé Léger parade. With so much Strip, it is not surprising that some has not given him time to place it well and has thus left the runway. In this case an oversight vote.

In PASARELA Cibeles There was also exhibicionismos, as in the Sara Lage parade, but the truth is that you among so many rare thing, what you fijabas less was seen to a model a chest. Here there is a clear intention.

Finally, in the Parade of Isabel Marant, one of the Slavic models is more giving than talk, Anna Selezneva, not only he hinted a breast, but the two. Clear intention.