They are Making More Hair Transplants and They’re Asking for More Beard

The increase of cases of alopecia in women is a reality that many are already trying to fight. In men, in addition to the baldness, the concern goes to the face.

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The number of women using plugs to plug hair failures is increasing and the number of men that seeks to enhance the amount of beard on his face, too. In an interview with Ultimate Beauty, Isabel de Lara Soares, Physiatrist and Clinical Director of DHI clinics network, explains the phenomenon and lists some of the major advances in this area. There is a greater demand and in younger ages», confesses to an expert.

Long hair is on top of the aesthetic priorities. Which are, based on your experience, the problems that take more, nowadays, men and women looking for expert help?

Most patients who seek us presents worries at the level of the image, for aesthetic and self-esteem issues. Baldness is not just a male problem, although the majority of our patients are men, women are turning increasingly to the hair transplant. Above all, when someone searches for it, with the goal of improving the image, to take greater advantage of the features of your face.

Our doctors are concerned, respecting all technical guidelines, the patient feels better with your new image and that will help you in your everyday life. Baldness comes to affect the form of socialization of the person and your personal and professional-level performance, revealing just very traumatic psychologically in certain cases. Over the years, we have witnessed an increase in the pressure in society to maintain a good image and the hair is, without a doubt, the frame of the face.

The number of women with hair loss problems has increased considerably. The demand by women who you contact, too? What can be the cause of this phenomenon?

We noticed a growing demand on the part of women, not so much by the increase in problems related to alopecia but especially by information that applies in social media and social networks in relation to hair transplant. The fact that today there is no need to shave the hair for a hair transplant with unitary extraction of hair provides increased comfort and facilitates decision-making on this issue on the part of women.

The biggest concern with the image you want to socially wants professionals is also at the origin of this growing demand. We believe that the growing demand is due also to the effectiveness of the technique that we use for hair transplant, the results of which are, in fact, notable.

As regards men, many have already started to make innovations that have emerged, in particular with regard to hair transplant. Note currently some trend?

Yes, there is a greater demand and at younger ages. With the increase in available information, many are young people who come to us, to the first signs, to avoid a negative aesthetic evolution baldness usually brings. There is a clear trend also as regards beard transplant, to fill gaps and areas without at or to obtain denser and beards clenched.

With the advancement of the art and a significant reduction in the caliber of our instruments, patients get exceptional results with a great density and no trace of who submitted to an intervention of this nature.

In recent years, the beard was in fashion. There were also men looking to increase facial hair?

Yes, we have seen a growing demand for this procedure. In fact, never have had as many as beard transplants in recent months and the demand is increasing.