Thompson Rivers University Student Review

Thompson Rivers University Student Review

With the aim of experiencing something very special during my studies and to improve my English language skills, I decided at the beginning of my studies to want to spend a semester abroad. Since it was very important for me to combine studies and hobbies, I ended up in Kamloops, where I had a great time.

Application process

Have resorted to start the phone and with MicroEDU about possible universities speaking, fit to my study and which offer exactly the courses that I look at my university in Germany get credit can. For reasons of hobby, I immediately realized that only Kamloops would be considered – which in retrospect was the right decision. Another call to the hotline and all ambiguities were clarified. In the next step: Download the application form, fill it in and email it to MicroEDU for review. Then post the original to MicroEDU. Acceptance from Canada came 3 weeks later.

Studies & courses

I have taken the courses: Professional Selling, Human Resource Management, Online Marketing, Accounting and Financial Management.

I can highly recommend the Professional Selling HR and Financial Mgmt courses, as I really learned a lot in both courses and the professors gave a very interesting lecture. Accounting and online marketing was unfortunately not really the right level. If you have some background knowledge in these subjects, you should choose 2 other courses. Five courses look very little – but in Canada there is a lot of work required during the semester with homework, projects and mid-term exams. That’s why I was actually quite happy that the 2 subjects were quite easy, so there was more free time – which shouldn’t be neglected in such a project.

TRU & on-site support

The TRU is growing rapidly, at the moment a new library is being built, which should be ready next summer (2010). Of course, the students benefit enormously from this. In the new buildings with lots of light, learning is much more fun than in a gray old reinforced concrete block. Find more review on Thompson Rivers University on existingcountries.

The on-site support is unique! One can only dream of the standard in Germany. The international “Student Advisor” took a lot of time and tried to solve all problems that arose, as far as there were any. Likewise, the professors have a lot of time for office hours, etc., which is quite pleasant when doing housework.


I lived in the UCH for the entire semester, which, together with the residence, I can highly recommend. The Mc Gill dormitory is cheap but meets the needs of a few students coming from Germany. At the UCH, each student has his own room and a communal area with a kitchen, which he usually shares with 4 students. In the Resicence there are 2 rooms per shared apartment, with no kitchen available in the common area. The first choice for me would therefore be UCH.

Freetime activities

If you love nature and sport, this is the right place for you. I was exactly 3 weeks in Kamloops and otherwise always on the go. There are many climbing opportunities in and around Kamloops that really have something to offer who can safely lead in the 6er terrain. Downhill mountain biking in Sun Peaks is definitely worth it, there is something for everyone, as long as you are not sitting on your MTB for the first time. For skiing, Kamloops is also very centrally located between the coastal mountains and the Rockies. Sun Peaks is a great resort for those interested in the slopes, and those who prefer things to be more extreme should definitely look to Revelstoke and Whistler!
But even without sport you can spend the weekend well. Trips to Jasper, Lake Louise, Vancouver, Victoria and the National and Provincial Parks are very rewarding!


Doing a lot leaves a lot of money in Canada. I allowed myself the luxury of my own car, which I don’t regret despite the enormous (repair) costs. But the country can also be easily traveled with a rental car! Groceries and especially alcohol are overall more expensive than in Germany. Electronic products and clothing are cheap to buy.

All those who are still thinking about it : Go abroad for 1 semester – no matter where it goes! Best experience ever! Even if the whole thing costs a lot of money – what you learn is enormous and I mean less the study than the overall experience. If you have the opportunity to stay in Canada longer than the 4 months: take your time, you won’t have it again later!

Thompson Rivers University Student Review

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