If your face for signs of skin aging, why use a normal makeup base? Today day you can ask more your base color. You can get repair in addition to uniformity, face good effect and lightness. As Skinleÿa, a treatment makeup.

Makeup of treatment include anti-aging formula of color properties. It should not be confurdirla with a moisturizing color. The plus one is a gel with all the properties of a quality makeup base more Triple anti-free radical formula free and active anti-age.

With the daily application of one of its seven tones, which suits your skin tone, the skin gains luminosity and smoothed. Especially suitable for skins with wrinkles, drained the life or unstressed. It also works thanks to the following active ingredients:

  • Physalis calyx extract: protects the Collagen fibers and the fight against free radicals.
  • Willow leaf extract: protects the elastin fibers.
  • Summary of Spelt grain: has power anti-glycation.

A great detail has been to include a applicator brush in the packaging of Skinleÿa. It is an accessory of makeup that if it forms part of your make-up bag helps a lot when it comes to applying the base color. Desires to speed, uniformity and the finish is more natural.

Time of SkinleÿA, Makeup Treatment Anti-Age
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