Tours in Tunisia

Tours in Tunisia

Tunisia is a country on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa. The smallest and most eastern country of the Maghreb. Common borders in the west with Algeria, in the southeast with Libya. The capital is Tunis.

The climate is subtropical Mediterranean and tropical desert. The air temperature in winter is +10*С, in summer +30*С. The main population of the country is Arabs. 98% of the country’s population are Muslims. Winter time is 2 hours behind Moscow time, summer time is 3 hours behind.
The official language is Arabic, the second official language is French, almost the entire population of Tunisia knows it. In the tourist centers of the country, they speak quite well in English, German and Italian.

According to e Country Directory, the national currency is the Tunisian dinar, 1 $ is approximately equal to 1.4 dinars. The exchange rate is the same throughout the country. When exchanging, it is better to keep the receipt, because. on it, upon departure from the country, you can exchange the remaining dinars for dollars or euros. Please note that dinars are not accepted for payment in Duty Free shops.

Air transport connects Tunisia with the countries of Africa and Europe, and domestic air lines are also served. Flight duration Moscow – Tunisia, Moscow – Monastir – approximately 4.5 hours. Russian citizens do not need a visa to enter the country.

Citizens of Russia, the Baltic States and the CIS (with the exception of citizens of Armenia) can travel to Tunisia without a pre-issued visa for continuous stay in the country for 21 days from the date of entry, subject to a single entry into the country. For a longer trip, you need to apply for a visa at the Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia in Moscow.

Calls will cost less if you use pay phones, which are available in almost every hotel.
Embassy of the Russian Federation in Tunisia – (71) 88 24 58;
Police – 197;
Ambulance – 190 or around the clock 846, 767;
Fire – 198.

Most of the hotels in Tunisia are located on the coast and have their own beaches. In most cases, the hotel provides vacationers with sunbeds and umbrellas (in three-star hotels – for an additional fee, and in 4-5 stars, as a rule, for free). There are also city public beaches. All beaches are sandy.

Tunisia is an amazing country with a long history, oriental flavor. The country is famous for the unique treatment and rejuvenation of the body with sea water – the thalassotherapy method. The customs and traditions of the Tunisians developed under the influence of Islamic canons, but in ordinary life the influence of European civilization, especially France, is noticeable, because Tunisia has long been one of the French colonies. Tunisia attracts tourists from all over the world. It has everything you need for a good rest – gentle sun, sea, sandy beaches, comfortable hotels, natural and historical monuments.

Thalassotherapy centers in Tunisia are located on the territory of 3 *, 4 * and 5 * hotels.
There are practically no Russian-speaking staff in the centers. Approximate prices: medical examination-consultation (required) 20 USD, jacuzzi 20 USD, jet shower 20 USD, underwater shower 22 USD, douche with massage 25 USD, shower without massage 15 USD, general massage 25 USD, local massage USD 15, total mud bath USD 25, relaxation USD 20, pressotherapy USD 25, Charcot shower USD 20, seated bath USD 15, Turkish hammam bath USD 5, Turkish bath Hammam with massage USD 8, aquatonic sea pool USD 15.

Hasdrubal Port El Kantaoui 4 * – the best and most modern in Sousse.

Bio Azur (Hammamet, at the hotel complex Royal Azur 5 * – Sol Azur 4 * – Bel Azur 3 *) is one of the largest and most popular thalassotherapy centers in Tunisia with a worldwide reputation.

Nahrawess Center (Hammamet, at the Nahrawess 4 * hotel) with a complex of its own pools, only massage rooms in it are over 90.

Vital Center Thalgo (Hammamet-Yasmine, at the Hasdrubal Thalassa 5 * de luxe hotel) is a new center at an upscale hotel, with full range of wellness programs.

Abou Nawas Bou Jaafar
Center (Sousse, at the Abou Nawas Bou Jaafar 4 * hotel) is one of the very first thalassotherapy centers in the country.

Image Health Center (Monastir-Skanes, at the Skanes Beach LTI 4 * hotel) is a small but well-equipped wellness center with elements of thalassotherapy.

Center at the Royal Miramar Talassa 5 * hotel.

Centers on the island of Djerba – at the hotels Athenee Palace 5 *, Ulisee Palace 5 *, Vital Center Thalgo 4 *.

Tours in Tunisia

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