Tours to Egypt for the New Year

Tours to Egypt for the New Year

Those who decide to celebrate the New Year in Egypt can be given some advice:

– choose a hotel where there are our compatriots, then there will be an opportunity to celebrate the New Year both in local and Russian time
– choose a hotel where there is a heated pool and try not to navigate to proximity to the sea, besides, remember that the closer the hotel is to the sea, the more expensive it will be
– remember that the weather in Egypt in January is changeable: during the day it can be + 25 * C, and at night the temperature drops to + 10 * C
tours to Egypt for the New Year with a departure on December 29-30 is noticeably more expensive than tours with departures on the 25-26th, so if possible, it is advisable to go a couple of days earlier or later than usual.

4* hotels in Egypt with a heated pool:

In Hurghada:
Hilton Hurgada Long Beach 4*
Magawish Swiss Inn Resort 4*
Panorama Bungalows Resort Hurgada 4*

In Sharm El Sheikh:
El hayat Sharm Resort 4*
Tropicana Sea Beach 4*
Sol y Mar Sharming Inn 4*
Sierra Resort 4*
Jaz Mirabel Club 4*
Hilton Sharks Bay 4*
Rehana Sharm Resort 4 *

According to e Hotel at, Hurghada is the most economical resort than all the others in Egypt, and the beaches of Hurghada are better than on the rest of the coast. In Hurghada it is a little cooler, the hotels are older here, closer to the main historical monuments.

There are a lot of corals on the coast in Sharm, and the only natural sandy beach in Sharm el-Sheikh is Sharm el-Maya – only here you can swim barefoot. Cafes, bars and shops of Sharma are somewhat more expensive than in other resorts in Egypt.

Naama Bay is the most party part of Sharm with hotels in several lines, discos and restaurants. This is the center of the nightlife of Sharm El Sheikh.
In Sharm, unfortunately, there are no water parks, but they are in several local hotels: Hayatt, Movenpick Golf, Sun Rise Island View, Dreams Beach, Dreams Vacation, Oriental Resort.

El Gouna – flight to Hurghada, then by car 30 minutes. This Egyptian resort is a bit like Venice – the hotels here are located on islets, between which small boats carrying tourists ply. The disadvantage of this resort is that almost all hotels do not have direct access to the sea.

Makadi Bay – a secluded and calm resort of Egypt near Hurghada. Holidays in Makadi Bay are very expensive and offer 4 and 5 * hotels on an all-inclusive basis. Makadi Bay has a sandy entrance to the sea where you can swim without shoes.

Nuweiba – charter flight to Sharm, and then transfer for about two hours. A resort in Egypt for a quiet family holiday and for lovers of water sports.

When choosing a tour to Egypt, tourists most often focus on the relative proximity of Egyptian resorts, relative to Russia. Basically they buy a tour to Egypt to the resort of Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh. The rest of the beauties of Egypt are not popular. This is of course in vain!

Compared to the already explored Hurghada and Sharm, Dahab is a very small town located on the Red Sea. Dahab is somewhat reminiscent of little Goa, mostly young people hang out here, there are no all-inclusive hotels, no chic restaurants, animations and other attributes of other resorts in Egypt. In Dahab, lovers of kite surfing, just surfing, diving gather. So if you don’t want to disappear into the crowds of tourists from Hurghada and Sharm, welcome to Dahab.

It would also be foolish to warm your belly in Egypt and ignore the great Egyptian pyramids.Do not spare the money, be creative in the process and organize your own tour to the pyramids. The fact is that if you buy a group tour at the hotel, you will have to monotonously drag yourself on the bus under the scorching African sun. Take a taxi, it will certainly cost 100-200 more bucks. But, on the other hand, you can stop along the way, you can wander around the pyramids as much as you like.

Tip: go to the Egyptian pyramids in the morning, as early as possible, remember, there are many tourists in Egypt, but few pyramids.

Tours to Egypt for the New Year

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