Tyra Banks Becomes Michelle Obama for The September Number of Harper’s Bazaar

It’s Tyra Banks and the catwalks has always been a strip and tug of war. It always welcomed to be a Supermodel of color and curves, has that they hired her to work in a New York flight / Milan when his only book was the photo of your Passport, and hence, according to her, the glory. And not missing part of reason.

With just 19 years, and in the year of his arrival in Paris he succeeded in making 25 parades, among them it’s Chanel o Christian Dior, new thing for a rookie, but his great frustration is not have been kept longer at the top of the high fashion, this is the world that always attracted him, that for a brief moment, conquered, and that almost no time-just make a name, left force, because their forms and their swagger were no longer asking the designers on the catwalk.

Naomi Campbell dethroned it, and as they have bad arts, they say that the Ebony goddess tried to persuade Karl Lagerfeld to not hire it never, two were crowd; Hence, on television, he starred in several seasons of the fresh Prince of Bel Air, did one other cameo in the film, bundled with Seal, and was the first African American in cornering the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine, which would open the doors as Victoria Secret angel, since he held until signing saw already “not giving the size” to parade in underwear.

Far from intimidating you, pulled by the via media and is on track to become the successor of Oprah Winfrey, women most influential and almost more rich of the United States, and which has always said that it was his idol; of time successfully leads a talk show and a program of fashion, America’s Next Top Model, of which I have spoken on occasion. Occasionally leave the small screen to return to the pages of fashion magazines that once occupied, and apart from illustrating the cover of the special issue of the American magazine fall fashion, becomes Michelle Obama in a fantastic editorial.

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