University of California Los Angeles Student Review

University of California Los Angeles Student Review

I attended the summer session at the University of California in Los Angeles. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect there beforehand. I was afraid that I would have problems understanding, after all, UCLA is one of the best universities in America. Find more review on University of California Los Angeles on existingcountries.

But on the contrary! I understood my courses in “English as a second language” and “Microeconomics” very well. I really learned a lot in those 6 weeks. Well, overall I rate the ESL 32 course as pretty easy, next time I would choose a more challenging course.
The economics course was a lot more demanding, I understood everything, but you still had to learn a lot (by heart), read a lot and prepare well for the exams. The professor was really great, although she had a very drowsy charisma that had an impact on many students, but she demonstrated a high level of specialist knowledge and was ready to help each individual student individually.

With my 2 courses I had a lot of free time, someone who does 2 sessions in a row should definitely take 3 courses, you have enough time.

UCLA is very impressive, the campus is huge, there are an incredible number of facilities, offers, possibilities and assistance. Examples include 2 pools (1 new under construction), an athletics stadium, 2 football training grounds, a basketball stadium, many tennis courts, a gym, and several hospitals.
All the people are super nice and helpful, both the staff and the other students who come from all over the world (but mostly from Asia).

The accommodations, I’m talking about Sproul Hall, are said to have just been renovated. Well, I didn’t expect a 4-star hotel, but no room service for 6 weeks is a bit heavy, you had no TV, no air conditioning and no space. I can’t imagine how three people can live in such a room. Some people brought their own fridges, televisions, surround sound systems, and exercise machines, which resulted in the full occupancy of the rooms.

Studying in LA is really something special, this city is so diverse, there are so many opportunities to spend your free time. It seems there are major events going on every week. When I was in LA, Chelsea, AC and Inter Milan and Barca were in LA. The latter two also trained on campus and you even had the opportunity to talk to the players. In addition, the LA Tennis Open were also on campus, about 1 kilometer from the accommodations. Stars such as Pete Sampras, Marat Safin and Tommy Haas were represented.
Other highlights were the numerous film premieres (e.g. Public Enemies with Johnny Depp, Transformers with Megan Fox, etc….). Everything in the immediate vicinity of the university.

Perhaps the most memorable event was the death of Michael Jackson, I just came back from shopping and was amazed at the approximately 2000 people in front of the UCLA Medical Center crying, singing, partying. The mood was like that of Woodstock. The whole day 4 helicopters circled over the campus, only later did I find out how the whole monkey theater came about. Independence Day was also extraordinary, this atmosphere is something very special!
There are also numerous organized tours, for example to San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Disneyland or to baseball games. The organization mentioned is located at your accommodation, but it is very expensive, so you pay $ 45 for a baseball game, then you get the ticket and it says $ 9. Well, that wasn’t great, but at least afterwards I knew it.

When I got home and saw a few movies and music videos, I recognized a lot of places in LA, you see these beautiful places on TV and think: I was there about 6 weeks ago. A really great feeling.

As you can clearly see, there is always something going on in this city, you never get bored and there is always something new to discover or do!

The service from MicroEDU is really commendable, whenever there were problems they could either be easily resolved on site, as the people there are incredibly helpful, or you could turn to MicroEDU!

The only negative thing about the whole thing was getting the visa, you have to drive far and it is very expensive.

I can really only recommend processing through this organization.
Personally, I definitely want to do another summer session, it really brought me a lot.

University of California Los Angeles Student Review

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