Washington County, Rhode Island Demographics

Washington County, Rhode Island Demographics

Washington County is located in the southwestern corner of Rhode Island, along the Connecticut border. The county covers an area of 456 square miles and is home to a population of 126,142 people, according to the 2010 census. It is one of five counties in Rhode Island.

Washington County has a diverse geography, with rolling hills and wooded areas throughout the region. The highest point in the county is Jerimoth Hill, located at 812 feet above sea level. The coastline is dotted with sandy beaches and rocky outcrops, which make it a popular destination for tourists during the summer months.

The climate in Washington County is temperate and humid throughout the year, with hot summers and cold winters. Temperatures range from an average low of 24 degrees Fahrenheit in January to an average high of 76 degrees Fahrenheit in July. Annual precipitation averages around 45 inches per year, with most occurring between May and August.

The majority of Washington County’s population resides within its two main cities: Westerly and South Kingstown. Other towns include Charlestown, Exeter, Hopkinton, Narragansett, Richmond, and Westerly. The towns are relatively small but offer a variety of amenities such as restaurants, shopping centers, schools, parks and recreational activities for residents to enjoy throughout the year.

Washington County has long been known for its rich history and culture as well as its scenic beauty. From historic sites like Fort Adams State Park to popular beaches like Misquamicut State Beach there is something for everyone here. This vibrant county also boasts numerous outdoor activities including hiking trails at Arcadia Management Area or fishing on one of its many rivers or lakes such as Carolina Pond or Laurel Lake Wildlife Refuge.

Washington County, Rhode Island

Economy of Washington County, Rhode Island

Washington County has a diverse economy that is driven by tourism, manufacturing, and agriculture. Tourism has been a major contributor to the county’s economy for decades, with visitors coming from all over the United States and abroad to enjoy its many beaches, parks, and historical sites. The county also has a strong manufacturing sector that produces everything from plastics to textiles. Agriculture is also important to the local economy, with farmers growing fruits and vegetables as well as raising livestock.

The unemployment rate in Washington County is currently 4.7%, lower than the Rhode Island average of 5.1%. The median household income in the county is $62,837 which is slightly higher than the national average of $61,937. It is also higher than both Rhode Island’s median household income of $59,271 and the US median household income of $60,293.

The largest employers in Washington County are South County Hospital (1,800 employees), General Dynamics Electric Boat (1,600 employees), Amgen (1,000 employees), Cox Communications (900 employees), and Westerly Hospital (800 employees). Other large employers include The Washington Trust Company (700 employees) and Ocean State Job Lot (500 employees). These employers provide jobs in healthcare, finance/banking, manufacturing/production services and retail/hospitality services.

In addition to these larger employers there are numerous small businesses throughout Washington County providing jobs in retail establishments such as shops and restaurants as well as professional services such as legal firms or accounting firms. There are also many self-employed individuals who own their own businesses ranging from landscaping companies to pet care providers.

Washington County’s economy continues to grow due to its diverse mix of industries and businesses that provide employment opportunities across multiple sectors for its residents. With its beautiful coastline and plentiful recreational activities it continues to attract visitors from around the world who come seeking an unforgettable experience.

Libraries in Washington County, Rhode Island

According to babyinger, Washington County, Rhode Island is home to a number of public libraries that offer a variety of services and resources to local residents and visitors alike. The county’s libraries are part of the Ocean State Libraries consortium, which is comprised of 20 public library systems throughout Rhode Island. This allows patrons to borrow materials from any library in the network.

The Washington County Library System includes six branches located in Westerly, Wakefield, Narragansett, Charlestown, Richmond, and Exeter. Each branch offers books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, computer access, and other materials to members of the community. They also host events such as book readings and author talks as well as programs for children and teens.

The Westerly Public Library is the largest in Washington County with over 70,000 items available for checkout and over 1 million digital items available through its online catalog. It also offers a variety of services including Wi-Fi access for visitors; computer classes; genealogy research; language learning resources; 3D printing; and more.

At the Wakefield Public Library patrons can find an extensive collection of books as well as audio-visual materials such as CDs and DVDs. The library also has an extensive selection of e-books that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. It hosts lectures on topics such as history or science as well as story times for children on Saturdays during the summer months.

The Narragansett Public Library offers a wide range of services including job search assistance; resume writing workshops; technology classes; a makerspace with tools for digital media creation; online databases filled with academic articles and research materials; 3D printing services; special collections focusing on local history or genealogy research; book clubs for adults and teens alike; child care centers providing after school programs for kids aged 5-12 years old; free Wi-Fi access throughout the building—and much more.

The Charlestown Public Library features a large collection of books both in print and digital format along with audio-visual materials such as CDs or DVDs. It also provides resources for business owners like online databases filled with market information or business publications covering topics like finance or management strategies. In addition to this it offers free Wi-Fi access throughout the building along with computer classes designed to help patrons learn new skills or improve their existing ones.

Finally, there’s the Richmond Public Library which houses an impressive collection of books both in print and digital format along with audio-visual material such as CDs or DVDs. It also provides special collections focusing on local history or genealogy research along with free Wi-Fi access throughout its premises plus computer classes designed to help patrons learn new skills or improve their existing ones—all while enjoying its cozy atmosphere.

In conclusion, Washington County’s public libraries offer a wide range of services from traditional print materials to modern technologies that provide patrons access to information from all around the world.

Landmarks in Washington County, Rhode Island

According to A2zdirectory, Washington County, Rhode Island is home to some of the most scenic and historical landmarks in the state. From quaint colonial-era architecture to expansive nature preserves, this picturesque region has something for everyone to explore.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Washington County is the South Kingstown Town Beach. Located on Narragansett Bay, this beautiful beach offers visitors stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and plenty of recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, and kayaking. The beach also features a boardwalk lined with shops and restaurants that serve up local cuisine and ice cream.

Another landmark worth visiting is the Point Judith Lighthouse. Built in 1816, this historic lighthouse still stands as a beacon of safety for passing mariners today. The surrounding area has been preserved as a nature preserve with trails winding through wetlands and dunes where visitors can observe wildlife or just relax by the sea.

For history buffs, there’s no better place than Old Narragansett Church located in Peace Dale. This charming 17th century church was built by Roger Williams in 1680 and remains an active house of worship today. Visitors can explore its stained-glass windows, colonial-era artifacts, and learn about its rich history during guided tours throughout the year.

If you’re looking for outdoor adventure then you won’t want to miss Arcadia Management Area located in Exeter. This vast 12,000 acre park provides plenty of opportunities for fishing, hiking, camping, horseback riding and more. It also features numerous waterfalls perfect for cooling off after a long day outdoors or exploring its many trails that wind through forests and wetlands rich with wildlife sightings like bald eagles or white-tailed deer.

Finally, there’s Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge located near Charlestown which offers visitors an opportunity to observe some of Rhode Island’s most unique wildlife species such as osprey or piping plovers from its observation platform overlooking Trustom Pond itself. The refuge also provides access to miles of trails perfect for bird watching or exploring its marshlands filled with native plants like wild rice or arrowhead grasses.

No matter what your interests are there are plenty of exciting landmarks to explore when visiting Washington County Rhode Island. From charming colonial churches to sprawling nature preserves filled with wildlife sightings Washington County has something for everyone.

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