Hello, housewives oily skin! The conversation now is with you.

The pores are, briefly, to bring to the surface of the skin all the tallow generated by the sebaceous glands. And there’s nothing abnormal about it, after all, all skin needs a certain amount of oil so as not to dry out.

But, as you may have already heard out there, the difference between the poison and the antidote is at, “when this oil is produced in abundance-is a common mechanism in the skins with excessive brightness, the holes are wider and dilate and evident,” says Abdo Solomon Jr., Director of the clinic of the same name and member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (MG).

Pollution and the build-up of dead skin cells are also villains, as they collaborate to the clogging of pores, earning even more. “These points can assume darkened aspect, resulting in the formation of open comedones, the famous blackheads,” warns Flavia Novis, a member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (RJ). Better get away from this cold, right?

Cleansing Ritual

To decongest the area and decrease the size of enlarged pores, nothing more appropriate than perfect in cleansing the face. “Wash it twice a day with astringent soaps glycolic acid or salicylic that control the oiliness of the skin,” teaches Flavia Martelli, a member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SP). According to the expert, the ideal is that the water temperature is warm or cold, since the hot can increase sebum secretion and leave the holes even more noticeable.

Then, it’s worth applying a tonic, which balances the pH of the skin. “Weekly exfoliations are also indicated: the procedure removes impurities and complexion, consequently, allows her to breathe better,” assures Lígia Novais, the dermatologist of Haute Dermatology and aesthetics (SP). The tip, in that case, do it gently with light massages. “Great cause irritation and friction cause rebound effect, which increases sebum production,” says Flávia Novis.

The Best Cosmetics

As the oil is enemy number one of the large pores, the prudent thing is to bet on products oil free. “The ideal is to have light texture, case of gels, gels and cream serums,” indicates Flavia Martelli. The moisturizers and sunscreens should also contain assets that control this glow and help getting the points on the skin. Oh, and facial masks with green or white clay also deliver this effect, see? “To complete the combo of care, the doctor may recommend the use of night creams made with benzoyl peroxide, salicylic, glycolic or Retinoic acids,” coffees Abdo Solomon Jr.

Homemade Recipes

Who teaches the walk through is Vanessa Andrade, Coordinator of the aesthetic Spa body Possession (RJ):

3:00 pm 1 Mask
Hit 100 g cucumber, a tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of oats in a blender. When the mixture is ready, apply on the face and let stand for 20 minutes. The procedure should be done once a week before the facial exfoliation and have astringent, plus function tone and refresh the skin. Mara!

Ice Cubes
Just apply it directly on the face right after the bath. “Not to burn the skin, the contact time should be only 30 seconds,” the expert. This trick will help you compress your pores like a charm! Ideal to be put into practice once a week.

Almond Mask
Grind 1/3 cup (tea) of almonds until consistency of powder. Then, just add water to form a paste. Start the application by the nose and spread in other areas. Keep the mask on your face for 30 minutes and remove with warm water. Repeat the process twice a week. “The result is a skin hydrated, nourished and with smaller pores”, says Vanessa Andrade.

Makeup: It’s All in Moderation

The news is sad, but the excess of make and the accumulation of residue will worsen, the enlarged pores.”Impurities clog the glands and increase the pressure of the ducts, making them wider,” explains Abdo Solomon Jr., you don’t have to give up all your makeup bag over it, but adopt some measures may prevent possible chabus.

The first of these is, without doubt, take it easy (aka set aside hefty products which give the effect “towed” on the skin) and bet, as well as the cosmetics, makeup and oil-free matifying effect, that control the brightness. “The care must also be redoubled at the time of removal. The ideal is to apply first the specific makeup remover for only after washing your face. It cleans the skin more deeply and avoids that rub-rub aggressive that causes the increase of oil,” recalls Lígia Novais.

Immediate Cover

If the intention is to have a temporary and short-term solution to the problem, an essential item in the world of pre-makeup can help you: we’re talking about the primer. The Holy produtinho creates an optical cover on complexion, which camouflages pores apparent and contains the oils. The same goes for cosmetics with blur effect (Yes, same as Photoshop!), novelty that arrived recently to add beauty to the market forces: the result is a smoother skin, kind of doll.

And at the Office.

Talk to your dermatologist about Crystal and chemical peeling. “The first, carried out mechanically, uses tiny crystals that, on contact with the skin, promoting a light exfoliation and unblock the pores”, details Lígia Novais. “The second stimulates the renewal of the skin thanks to acids-such as Retinoic acid, for example, applied at concentrations higher than those using homemade cosmetics,” compares Flavia Novis. And there are several other aesthetic treatments that can help you win this chabu, see? Intense pulsed light and CO2 fractional laser are some of them.

“The oral use of isotretinoin also may be a way out,” suggests Flavia Martelli. Derived from vitamin A, this substance is indicated for cases of severe acne, a condition that goes hand in hand with the large pores. It inhibits Sebaceous Gland size and reduces the amount of secretion, which automatically minimizes the problem.

We Decree the End of Large Pores. Ask Us How