What is the capital of Florida?

What is the capital of Florida?

Florida is one of the most populous states in the United States; It was admitted to the Union in 1845 as the 27th state ranking. Florida is located in the southeastern tip of the United States and its neighbors are Georgia and Alabama. The capital of Florida is the city of Tallahassee.

Florida has historically been ruled by several European colonial powers from Spain, through France to Great Britain. It became part of the United States in 1819, when Spain ceded the territory to the United States. Florida became the official state of the United States in 1845. During the American Civil War, Florida joined other Southern states on the Confederate side to return to the Union after the war.

Florida is largely made up of a peninsula jutting into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean; its northwestern part is then called Panhandle and is the capital of the state of Tallahassee.

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The proximity of the sea is also determined by the weather in Florida – in the northern part of the peninsula there is a humid subtropical climate, while in the south there is a pure tropical climate. Florida is the warmest state in the United States – summers are hot and humid and temperatures rise well above 30 degrees Celsius; Humidity, which is higher especially in South Florida, further intensifies the temperature. Winters tend to be very mild, especially in the south of the state. In the summer and at the beginning of autumn, summer storms are very common, which sometimes turn into hurricanes.

Tourism is very important to the Florida economy; This beautiful state is visited by 60 million tourists every year. Another important sector of the state’s economy is agriculture, especially citrus production.

The capital of Florida is Tallahassee, but the largest city is Jacksonville, followed by Miami and Tampa. However, the largest agglomeration is clearly Miami, which, together with the surrounding municipalities, represents an area with more than 5 million inhabitants.

The capital of Florida – Tallahassee

The capital of Florida is Tallahassee, a city of about 150,000 in the northwestern part of the state. Tallahassee became the capital of Florida in 1824 and is now a student city; It is home to two major universities – Florida State and Florida A&M.

Tallahassee is located in the northwestern part of the state of Florida in an area called Panhandle, several tens of kilometers from the Gulf Coast. There is a humid subtropical climate with long and hot summers and short mild winters. Temperatures are higher here in the summer than in the southern part of the state, and the highest daily temperatures exceeding 35 degrees Celsius are no exception. On the contrary, winters are a bit colder here than in South Florida and fall below zero in extremes. Snow is no big exception; There have been several snowstorms in Tallahassee history.

The city has a strong student character, as the two large universities are attended by a total of about 60,000 students. Universities are also responsible for one of the biggest attractions of Tallahassee, which is university football, which is very popular in this city and the main entertainment of the locals.


Florida state flag

The Florida state flag was adopted in 1985.

State information

Abbreviation FL
Name Florida
Capital Tallahassee
Largest city Jacksonville
Populace 19 552 860 (2013)
Area 170,312 km
Accession to the Union 3. 3. 1845
The highest point Britton Hill (105 m)