What is the capital of Wyoming?

What is the capital of Wyoming?

The state of Wyoming is located in the central part of the United States. The state of Wyoming became the official state of the USA in 1890 as the 44th state in a row. It borders six other US states – it has the longest border in the north with Montana, in the south with Utah and Colorado, the eastern neighbors are the states of South Dakota and Nebraska , and in the west it shares the Wyoming border with the state of Idaho. The capital of Wyoming is the city of Cheyenne.

The area of ​​present-day Wyoming, like most of the United States, was inhabited by Native American tribes, but European colonial powers gradually began to claim the area. The Spaniards, the French and the British had their interests here, and the United States came under the administration of the United States after the purchase of territory from France under Louisiana Purchas in 1803, as well as the territory in Spain Mexican War in the mid-19th century. In 1868, the official territory of Wyoming was created, which in 1890 became the state of Wyoming, which joined the Union as the 44th state in the order.

Wyoming’s borders are rectangular in shape, making Wyoming one of three U.S. states (Utah and Colorado) whose borders are not determined by a geographical feature (such as a river or ocean). In Wyoming, the Rocky Mountains meet the Great Plains, a vast prairie area in the midwestern United States. Wyoming is basically a plateau that is interwoven with many larger or smaller mountains. The high altitude is characteristic of the whole state – the lowest point is located at an altitude of 945 meters, the highest is Gannett Peak, whose peak is at an altitude of 4209 meters. The natural landmark of the state of Wyoming is Yellowstone National Park – the first national park in the world, which was established in 1872.

The climate in Wyoming is characterized as semi-desert and continental and is characterized by relatively low rainfall and large temperature differences. Winters here can be very freezing, when night temperatures average around -15 degrees, during the day they can only rise above zero in some parts of the state. Summers tend to be warm; in july, the average peak temperature remains in the southern part of the state and in the lower parts above thirty, but a significant night cooling is typical for the whole state. Wyoming is relatively poor in rainfall and some areas are deserted.

An important economic sector in Wyoming is the extraction of minerals, especially oil, natural gas and coal. Agriculture is also important – cattle breeding, sugar cane and grain growing. Wyoming thrives on the food, glass and lumber industries; it is increasingly important for the state economy and tourism – millions of tourists are attracted by the amazing nature of Wyoming and its national parks such as Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

The capital of the state is the city of Cheyenne with a population of 60,000, which is also the largest city in Wyoming. Other major cities in the country include Casper and Laramie.

Wyoming state flag

The Wyoming state flag was adopted in 1917.

State information

Abbreviation WY
Name Wyoming
Capital Cheyenne
Largest city Cheyenne
Population 582 658 (2013)
Area 253,335 km 2
Accession to the Union July 10, 1890
The highest point Gannett Peak (4,209 m)

The capital of Wyoming – Cheyenne

The capital of the state of Wyoming is the city of Cheyenne. The city was founded in 1867 and today, with about 60,000 inhabitants, is the largest city in the state of Wyoming.

The city was founded in 1867 on the site of the then Union Pacific Railway, which was to cross one of the tributaries of the South Platte River. It was named after the Cheyenne tribe, one of the most famous tribes of the Indians of the Great Plains. It is located in the southeastern tip of the state of Wyoming.

After the railway arrived in the city in 1867, the city began to grow rapidly; this development was further supported by the opening of gold deposits near the city. Two years later, in 1869, Cheyenne was designated the capital of the then territory of Wyoming and, after the establishment of the official state, its capital.

Today, Cheyenne is Wyoming’s largest shopping center. As in other American capitals, the Capitol building and the Supreme Court building, which houses a historical museum and library, are worth seeing.

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