Where can I take the GRE test in Colombia? GRE Test Centers List

Where can I take the GRE test in Colombia? GRE Test Centers List

As an essential part of your preparation in the process to apply to a graduate degree, you have to take your Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), this standardized test will demonstrate your skills and knowledge in the areas of verbal and mathematical reasoning, and will be a starting point for highlight your profile from the rest of the applicants.

Where can I take the GRE test in Colombia

An issue that needs to be emphasized, and that can distract even the most prepared person for the exam, is the uncertainty and external factors that can occur during the journey and at the location of the Test Center. Therefore, in this blog post we will talk about some tips and questions that will familiarize you with the Test Center authorized by ETS to take your GRE test in Colombia.

GRE Test Center Colombia

Within the country there is only one Test Center to present your exam, this is in Bogotá: in

British Gymnasium, CHIA Country Headquarters, Calle 21 # 9A-80, CHIA, Colombia, which has a parking service and you can contact + (571) 5879800. Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/URFQzQcVCceTb9yV9

Source: Google

This Test Center is a bit far from Bogotá and depending on your location it may take longer to reach the destination. That is why it is extremely important that you leave early to avoid arriving just at the moment when the exam begins.

In addition to this, some of the main points that stand out before leaving your house are that you do not wake up the night before the exam and try to have a nutritious and moderate breakfast to have energy and avoid discomfort in the exam. Also, bring water and prepare something nutritious and light to eat briefly in the 10-minute break that they will give in the middle of the exam. Finally, do not wear accessories such as bracelets, necklaces or earrings because this will avoid copying within the exam.

Once inside the building and about to start the exam, they will provide you with two sheets to write down your notes and procedures and, if you need more, they will provide them to you. But keep in mind that this may take a while, so you should request a new sheet when you think you will soon fill out the ones you have.

Likewise, we recommend that you use headphones that isolate outside noise in the room to keep you focused on your thoughts and processes to solve problems and questions on the exam.

As long as you have the best performance, it is recommended that you take the advice that we provide you to avoid any inconvenience or unforeseen event that may arise. If possible, a few days before taking the exam, go to the British Gymnasium to know the route, building, as well as calculate your travel times and traffic. Cheer up! It is time to demonstrate your skills and knowledge to achieve your goals.

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