You Have Impure Skin, You Do Not Heed These Things

Pimples, blackheads and impure skin plague you, even though you already do everything to get a great skin? If you want to get a nice skin, you should consider these things in the future as well as care products.

You want to finally get rid of your impure skin without having to rumzuexperimentieren with expensive creams and care products? You can no longer ignore the following things if you want to say goodbye to the annoying pimples, Blackheads & Co.

  1. Drinking Is the A & O to Avoid Impure Skin

We’re not talking about coffee, soft drinks, alcohol or milk. Only water is able to stimulate the metabolism, because this increases the immune function and vitality of the skin. Two litres of water per day are recommended. The hardworking will soon be rewarded with smooth and firm skin!

  1. Lack of Sleep Ensures Impure Skin

At night, the skin regenerates and new cells arise. So be careful to sleep intensely and adequately to get a beautiful skin. Effective night creams or sleeping masks with gel pads can be a good additional help.

  1. Impure Skin Through the Pillow

Since sleeping mostly the facial help on the pillow barely gets oxygen and may be sweated in the sleep, it may well be that bacteria appear on the pillow. It is advised to change the head pillow more frequently and possibly to start trying to sleep on the back.

  1. Are You Sweating Enough?

Sweating can make your skin bleed! This can eliminate dead skin cells and cleanse the pores! So, off to the gym! But be careful: clean thoroughly afterwards, otherwise the sweat can have a contrary effect.

  1. Your Smartphone Also Provides for Impure Skin!

Through our hands we often come into contact with bacteria. So, with our fingers on our smartphone, we’re going to spread the bacteria all over the screen. We can then get impure skin if we keep the smartphone in the ear or over our cheek. Be sure to regularly clean your display and possibly disinfect it.

  1. Do Not Forgetto Make Makeup

All the big party queens should be able to make a thorough makeover at five o’clock in the morning! As already mentioned in, the skin regenerates overnight and if there are still makeup residues in the pores, it can lead to constipation and the next morning, the evil awakening awaits you. Take the time to make a makeover to get a great skin!